Play, family fun, or peace and quiet?

Even though the campground is a smaller, family-run site, there's no need to get bored.

Should time be spent on one of our playgrounds, enjoying time with the numerous animals, or does one simply need to be alone and savor the sound of the wind in the trees?

Farm animals

The campsite is home to a variety of animals.

You can meet our calves of the Scottish Highland cattle breed, see the Jutlandic horses in the field, or greet our affectionate Kunekune pigs, Bodil, Lille-Per, and Onkel Anders.

There is also a group of rabbits, some dwarf goats, and, of course, friendly cats.

Cozy, small beach

On warm days, the GudenĂĽ River can easily provide a refreshing escape.

Our small sandy beach sets the stage for cozy family moments, where the little ones can build sandcastles and splash around, and the older ones can swim and play in the river.

Walking paths

Explore the surroundings.

There are wooded areas, open fields with animals, and "secret" paths where you can search for owls, observe funny insects, or just have a moment to yourself.

Large playground

Our large natural playground consists of a spacious area with climbing structures, balance beams, rope trails, etc.

Of course, there is also a big slide, swings, a bouncing pillow, and a trampoline.

Parkour and exercise

Test your balance and strength in arms and legs on our parkour facility. The area is also designed for functional training exercises.

Playground for the young

A large sandbox ship sets the stage for our smaller playground for the little ones.

Everything here is at low heights so even the very young ones can join in and feel secure. They can swing on the baby swing, bake sand cakes all day, or slide down from the playhouse.

Service station for bicycles/mountain bikes

In the area around the campground, you'll find some of Denmark's best mountain bike trails.

After a long day in the woods, the bike can receive some love and a much-needed service, ensuring it's ready for another day in the hills.

Multi-sports court

Our multi-sports court can be used for both soccer and basketball.

Gather the family or neighbours for a soccer match, or let the children practice their shots on goal while you enjoy coffee in our cozy communal area.

Dog park

At our place, your four-legged friends are also welcome. Ensure they are always under full control and that they don't leave their "business cards" around the site. If the dogs need a bit of extra exercise, they can run freely in our small dog park.

Charging station for electric cars

If you arrive in an electric car, don't worry. We offer charging with a Type 2 plug. You only pay for the kWh that the car receives.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

On-site kiosk

At the campground, we have a small kiosk where you can buy items like milk, order morning bread, and indulge in a few treats for your sweet tooth. Additionally, we offer some grocery items and other essentials you might have forgotten.

The opening hours for the store and reception depend on the season and days of the week. However, we can always be reached at our phone number +45 88446090. Also, please refer to the signage on-site for the weekly opening hours...



March 22, 2024, to September 29, 2024


March 22, 2024, to June 28, 2024, and August 4, 2024, to September 29, 2024


June 28, 2024, to August 4, 2024


According to fire authorities, there must be a minimum of 3 meters between tents and caravans. Therefore, place your caravan or tent at least 1.5 meters from your pitch boundary and ensure that your "neighbor" also maintains the necessary distance.

If the distance requirement is not observed, we may unfortunately have to ask you to move your caravan or tent - even if everything is already set up.


As a general rule, arrival is from 2:00 PM at the tent area, our shelters, and pitches with electricity. These areas must be vacated by 12:00 PM on the departure day. However, earlier arrival or later departure is often possible.

Check-in for cabins and luxury tents is from 3:00 PM on the arrival day. Departure is no later than 10:00 AM, unless otherwise agreed. Outside the high season, there is often the possibility of earlier arrival and/or later departure. Please contact us for options for your stay.


Upon arrival, a code or card for our barrier system will be provided. For the safety of pedestrians, especially children, the entire campground should be considered a large pedestrian zone, where vehicles always have an unconditional duty to yield. Limit driving as much as possible to minimize noise, etc. If driving exceeds 10 km/h, we reserve the right to withdraw permission for driving on the site.

The barrier is open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.


There is free play on our playgrounds for the campground's guests. Show consideration so there is room for everyone, especially on the small playground and bouncing pillow. Furthermore, playgrounds and sports fields should not be used after 10:00 PM for the sake of the campground's other guests.

It is ALWAYS the responsibility of parents to ensure that children adhere to rules and guidelines on the site, and young children should always be supervised!


We would love to share our passion for animals with our guests. However, the welfare of the animals is our top priority. We therefore request that all interaction with the campground's animals takes place with consideration for the animals and their needs. Follow guidelines and rules on the site - this way, we avoid accidents and unhappy animals and children 😊


We want a campground where there is room for all ages; young and old. To accommodate this, please be considerate of each other and ensure peace on the site from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

However, we generally discourage noisy or disturbing behaviour, including loud music.


All stays can be conveniently reserved through our online booking. This way, we are prepared for your arrival, and you are guaranteed a spot.

For reservations of caravan or tent pitches and shelters, a prepayment corresponding to the price for 1 night for 1 adult is charged. The remaining amount is paid in connection with the stay.

The prepayment is generally not refunded, but we are happy to move the reservation to another date within the same season, if desired and there is availability.

For rental of cabins or luxury tents, 50% of the total stay price is charged upon reservation. Reservations for cabins/luxury tents can be canceled up to 30 days before the stay, with the payment returned, minus an administration fee of 250 DKK.


We do our best to update the website, its information, and price lists. However, the site is constantly evolving, and we reserve the right to make changes to the site, the price list, or the daily activities on the site.

Søhøjlandets Camping

Sørkelvej 12

8882 FĂĽrvang


Tlf.: +45 88446090

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