Welcome to our little "family oasis"

The campground features 135 caravan pitches, an area for small tents, as well as cabins and rental tents, all spread over a large area, ensuring ample space for everyone.

We have a love for animals, nature, physical activities, intergenerational coziness, and closeness.

As your hosts, our wish is for you to have a holiday filled with delightful memories in a scenic and relaxing atmosphere, where there is room for everyone.

You'll often find us in and around the reception/kiosk, and otherwise, we're almost always busy with something on the grounds. Our private residence is centrally located on the site, so we're never too far away. As for our four boys... well, they tend to be a bit everywhere 😉

Here, children and those young at heart can enjoy themselves on the playgrounds or revel in nature along the Gudenå River.

If, instead, you prefer peace or socializing with other campers, there are plenty of opportunities to either retreat a bit or gather with others in cozy settings around the site.

"We are a bit of 'country folk' and thrive best with plenty of animals around us, both for self-sufficiency and for petting and entertainment.

There is always room for an extra helping hand, especially when it comes to feeding. A common thread for all our animals is that they deserve a dignified life with high animal welfare."

We look forward to welcoming you,

and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! 🤩

Hope to see you soon,

The Dresen Family


Hygge på den store legeplads
Udekøkken med krydderurter
Hygge med smågrisene
Ådalstalt by night
Store legeplads og fællesområde
Vores jyske heste
Hygge ved åen
Snobrød og bålhygge
Lille legeplads
Vores "kæledyr"
Vi elsker Kunekune - grise
Lille legeplads
Stor legeplads
Lille legeplads
Stor legeplads
Set fra luften
Stor legeplads
Stor legeplads
Trækstien i "baghaven"
Set fra oven
Lille kanin

Further questions?

Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or would like more information."

Søhøjlandets Camping

Sørkelvej 12

8882 Fårvang


Tlf.: +45 88446090

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