Popular tourist attractions

If you feel like going on an excursion, here's a bit of inspiration. We're also happy to provide suggestions when you're at the campground.

AQUA Aquarium and Zoo (20 km)

Family-friendly experience center about Danish nature. There are experiences both indoors and outdoors with many different animals. The hours can also be spent on their playgrounds, including a large water playground, so bring a change of clothes.


(35 km)

Visit and climb Himmelbjerget, one of Denmark's highest points. 125 meters above Julsø and 147 meters above sea level. The view over the lakes and forests of Søhøjlandet is worth the trip.

Perhaps combine the excursion with a boat trip on the world's oldest coal-fired paddle steamer, Hjejlen.

The Old Town

Aarhus (40 km)

In The Old Town, Aarhus, you take a journey through time.

It's living Danish history from the earliest times to today. It's the history of the Danes and Denmark.

Tivoli Friheden,

Aarhus (40 km)

Fun rides and experiences for the whole family in the heart of Aarhus. Feel the thrill in wild roller coasters, enjoy numerous attractions, stalls, games, and playgrounds.

Mønsted Limestone Mines

(45 km)

The world's largest man-made limestone mines. In the endless labyrinth of tunnels, you'll find caverns as large as cathedrals, trickling streams, and underground lakes. A unique underground experience that tells the story of impressive handcrafted work by resilient men and women from the Mid-Jutland region.

Djurs Sommerland

(65 km)

There is room for both fun and coziness in Djurs Sommerland, one of the largest amusement parks in the Nordic region.

After exploring the 10 theme lands and over 60 attractions, take a relaxing break in one of the park's numerous green oases, and don't forget your swimwear for the large water park.

Legoland, Billund

(85 km)

Denmark's most well-known and beloved amusement park among families and children of all ages. There is plenty of action, speed, and fun for the whole family.

Lalandia, Billund

(85 km)


Fun, fast, and cozy water experiences of world-class quality – experience the tropical water park and enjoy a day with the family beyond the ordinary.


(11 km)

The small, cozy, local outdoor pool is definitely worth a visit. It consists of a large pool, divided into a shallow and a deeper part. The water is heated to 28 degrees Celsius. There is also an outdoor spa, heated to almost 40 degrees Celsius, and at times, a sauna.

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